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TCG Compliance QuickTips © – A Good Compliance Officer Is Hard To Find!

“…Compliance Officers are like beat cops – trying to build trust and relationships…but knowing that their obligation to enforce the law will necessarily trump even the deepest of these relationships…”
– Michael Verde

A good compliance officer is ethical, reliable and detail oriented.  Their communication must be effective and honest, and, when corrections need to be made, assertive.  Other great qualities: someone who adapts quickly to changing priorities, works to find ways to make processes better, and recognizes the contributions of others.  There is no such thing as zero risk, so the compliance officer must also be able to manage risk to keep it safely within the comfort zone of the organization.

Because a compliance officer must consistently be alert for areas of risk or vulnerability, having the right contacts and resources is a definite bonus to the organization.

A goal of the compliance officer should be to help the organization grow in a healthy way while managing risks.  When managed well, compliance does not need to be the bane of finance, marketing, and operations.  Instead, the compliance officer should be a resource to the organization and perceived as a knowledgeable asset.

Once you find someone who possesses all of these attributes, well… once you find someone who possesses the attributes most valuable to your organization, it is now your responsibility to empower this person to succeed.

“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.”
– David Brinkley



If you are looking for someone with the right skills and experience for your organization, don’t settle for less…The Corridor Group offers interim management solutions to help ensure a successful compliance program.

For additional resources, check out this website:

The Risk Intelligent Chief Compliance Officer


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TCG Compliance Solutions is ready to assist you implement and enhance effective controls and best practices for seamless compliance.

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