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Sunday Circular: Prepare and Respond

Now more than ever, it is imperative that Home Health organizations remain up-to-date on regulatory changes that affect outcomes and reimbursement.

Provide guidance to your Home Health staff with this week’s Hot Picks!

OASIS Competency Toolkit

oasis.120558This OASIS Toolkit utilizes scenario-based questions that will help your staff improve the accuracy of their OASIS data collection and the consistency of their responses with the end result of improved patient and financial outcomes. Updated to include OASIS C-1/ICD-9 changes.

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Home Health Quickflips

Home Health Quickflips

This resource can be a teaching tool for new employees and home health managers.

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Home Health Beneficiary Notices Made Easy

Home Health Beneficiary Notices Made Easy

Your guide to understanding Home Health beneficiary notices.

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OASIS eQ&AAn interactive PDF that contains up-to-date OASIS Q&A guidance, CMS and related industry OASIS resources, and exclusive clinician-based scenarios based on quarterly updates.

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OASIS-C-1 It’s Almost Here! Webinar

OASIS C-1 ICD-9 It's Almost Here!October 23, 2014   1.5 Hour PresentationEffective January 1, 2015, OASIS C-1 ICD-9 version will be used by home health agencies. This webinar will review the changes to OASIS-C and clarify the guidance surrounding the new “M” items. Click here for more information


Leading with Confidence: Be Prepared for Surveys and Audits

Effective documentation and monitoring has never been so critical. Last month, CMS announced that due to the continued delay in awarding new Recovery Auditor contracts, they are initiating contract modifications to the current Recovery Auditor contracts that will allow the Recovery Auditors to restart some reviews. Read more.

Last week’s passage of the IMPACT Act creates additional reasons for hospices to dial up their readiness for audits and reviews. The Act requires that CMS conduct surveys of hospice providers, minimally, every 36 months and also makes a technical correction to the ACA that will allow CMS to move forward with medical review of hospices with a high proportion of long-stay patients.

Ensure your staff understands how to document right the first time, and make sure you have processes in place to prevent problems before they become pervasive.

TCG Has Your Back

Providers facing the increased scrutiny of audits and surveys need an expert in their corner to:

  1. Evaluate their current compliance “fitness” level, including a third-party review of current documentation compliance
  2. Determine the best training schedule to achieve peak performance
  3. Rebound quickly in response to audit or survey findings

TCG audit specialists are available, both on-site and off-site, to help your organization respond to surveys and ADR, RAC, ZPIC and other audit requests. Our experts will also serve as your team to perform routine audits on a recurring quarterly, annual or otherwise needed basis, to give an objective view of your level of compliance.

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MAC Contract Status 

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TCG Can Help you avoid a cycle of denials and appeals. We can provide clinical documentation experts to help you conduct one-time or recurring third-party reviews and/or test your processes

Check out TCG’s self-help resources:

Introducing APP-ealing Mobile Learning





The Corridor Group (TCG) is proud to announce the launch of a new product line digitally designed to provide even greater access to the already popular Quickflips
©. These guides will now function even more efficiently as on-the-go resources through mobile Android devices and tablets.

TCG’s set of mobile apps will place documentation assistance and the LCDs at your fingertips.

Benefits of our NEW Quickflips© APP:

  1. Available for Android devices
  2. Easy to download
  3. Instant access and simple navigation
  4. Information and documentation guidelines at your fingertips


For a limited time only, TCG is offering individual Quickflips© Apps for only $19.99 via Google Playstore.

HomeHealth Quickflips© Mobile App

Hospice Quickflips© CGS Mobile App

Hospice Quickflips© NGS Mobile App

Hospice Quickflips© Palmetto GBA Mobile App

Want to purchase bulk quantities for your entire organization? Give us a call at (913) 362-0600.