A Five-Step Approach to Winning the Value-Based Purchasing Game

Posted on Friday, July 22, 2016 1:15 PM

According to panelists that participated in a July 20 Home Health Care News webinar sponsored by Homecare Homebase, the stakes are high but there are several ways to manage the value-based purchasing transition.

Currently, value-based purchasing is being piloted in nine states, which links Medicare payments to performance on quality measures.

The following methods were outlined by panelists to win the value-based purchasing game:
1. Educate
• “Even if you’re not in a value-based purchasing state, it’s important for staff to just have a general idea of what’s happening with this proposed pilot and the rule overall,” Dordick said. “That’s absolutely No. 1.”
• “Even if an agency doesn’t have [a data analyst] as a stand-alone role, there should be someone whose job it is to understand how the value-based purchasing model is structured,” Jones said
2. Analyze and prioritize
• “Don’t start with a process measure where you’re 20 points behind,” said panelist Luke James, chief strategy officer for Dallas-based Encompass Home Health & Hospice. “That’s not something that you’re going to be able to turn around overnight.”
3. Engage your staff
• “Let’s face it, value-based purchasing is a competitive environment,” Jones said.
4. Use what tools you have at your disposal, and add to your tool kit
• “You can use your own reporting capabilities, as well as data from [companies such as] Homecare Homebase to help quantify your progress,” Jones said.
5. Stay engaged with the information available from the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI)
• “Keep [value-based purchasing] top of mind as something that you’re working on all the time,” she said.
• “It’s not going to be wasted time,” he said. “Certainly looking at ways to improve your standing in all of those different scores is time well spent.”

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