Providing a Framework for the Future of Home Health Care

Posted on Friday, November 11, 2016 2:00 PM

The final report from the Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation (AHHQI)’s, “The Future of Home Health Care: A Strategic Framework for Optimizing Value,” was featured in the peer-reviewed journal Home Health Care Management and Practice this month. The article provides a framework for the Medicare-certified home health agency of the future.

The report highlighted the following recommendations that will help home health agencies recognize their full potential:
• Reduce regulatory barriers to risk-sharing and empower home health agencies to be a full partner in care coordination.
• Allow more flexibility in delivering home health care through alternative payment models
• Crack down on home health care fraud by identifying “hot spot” areas of aberrant claim patterns

“As we move into the future of home health care, it is critical that Medicare and home health care evolve alongside each other to actively promote risk-sharing and better manage patient care,” said Teresa Lee, Executive Director of the Alliance. “In the long-term, we expect to see home health agencies expand their role under alternative payment models and serve as key coordinators of care.”

Future home health agencies must:
• Provide care that is person-centered, respectful, and responsive to individual patient needs
• Provide care that is seamlessly connected and coordinated
• Prioritize quality
• Be technology enabled

“This framework reflects the enormous potential home health agencies have to be the primary driver of quality, patient-centered care,” added Lee. “The home health agency of the future will be a leader in care coordination and play a critical role in patient health that goes far beyond post-acute care management. They have the opportunity to be a key partner in improving patient health, breaking down barriers to access, and lowering costs for everyone.”

Corridor is a proud contributor to the press release on the Future of Home Health.

To read the full article, “The Future of Home Health Care: A Strategic Framework for Optimizing Value,” published in Home Health Care Management and Practice, click here.

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