Corridor can help you optimize your organization’s performance and accelerate your business results.

CorridorAccelerate is a business process improvement solution for Home Health and Hospice agencies. Accelerate can be done utilizing a scrubber or on its own as a diagnostic review of key indicators compared to industry benchmarks. Once the diagnostic review has been performed and we understand how an agency stands compared to benchmarked best practice, we can provide a roadmap and plan to improve outcomes and profitability based upon findings.

Stage 1 – Assess: The process begins with a diagnostic review of your agency’s health based upon key performance indicators compared to industry benchmarks.

Stage 2 – Develop Roadmap to Improve Outcomes and Profitability:
Provide expert consulting support to bring recommendations for improvement to life and accelerate results

A CorridorAccelerate diagnostic review can be conducted by using the data from your EMR or in conjunction with your scrubbing software.

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