The Home Health Industry is now fully working in the Patient Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) and we are identifying trends and best practices!

Corridor’s team of experts are here to help you with any challenges you are facing.

Understanding PDGM’s impact will help you tackle any hurdles while ensuring compliance, fair reimbursement, and improved patient outcomes.

PDGM Analysis

Corridor is here to help you understand the impact of PDGM on your agency and identify opportunities for improvement with a PDGM Analysis.

We’ll help you take a deep dive to evaluate key PDGM elements, providing the detail you need to understand how you’re performing.

PDGM Analysis Options include:

      • In-depth review of your records specifically for coding and OASIS accuracy related to PDGM
        • Clinical grouping/comorbidity adjustment/functional status accuracy
      • PDGM Calculator comparison of records reviewed
      • Detailed evaluation of data from EMR to determine trends and provide best-practice recommendations for improvement related to all PDGM elements:
        • Clinical Grouping Choices, Comorbidity Adjustment, Functional Status, LUPA %, Admission Source, and Timing
      • Follow-up education tailored to your specific needs based on findings

Don’t wait! Understanding PDGM’s impact will help you tackle any hurdles while ensuring compliance, maximum reimbursement and improved patient outcomes.

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PDGM Survival Toolkit

Our easy to follow guide provides clear explanations and guidance on the complexities of PDGM.

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PDGM Outsourced Coding/ OASIS Review

Coding accuracy is crucial to maintain compliance and succeed under PDGM.

Our dedicated coders have extensive knowledge in new regulations and updates. We provide outstanding accuracy, best practices and extensive quality assurance protocols to ensure the reliability you’ll need.

As we learn more about PDGM trends, we continue to educate our coders and clients to ensure compliant coding and OASIS responses.

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PDGM Outsourced Billing & Financial Management

With a shortened 30-day billing period, increased resources are needed to ensure claims are processed in a timely manner.

Corridor provides the capacity you need to support the doubling of billing periods.

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PDGM Webinar

We encourage you to view our recorded webinar, “Intake’s Role in Compliant Coding Under PDGM,” as it relates to coding of primary acceptable diagnosis and comorbidity adjustment along with closer “scrutiny” of M1033 Risk for Hospitalization.

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