POSTED ON MONDAY, August 3, 2020 

Home care providers are always looking for ways to design their care based on the needs of the communities they serve.  A new trend is culture-based care, designing their care around a clients’ cultural or ethnic backgrounds.

“For instance, Circle of Life Kola provides home care services in North and South Dakota, caring for seniors that are part of the Sioux tribes. The company’s Soaring Eagles brand provides care on the reservations for the Navajo Nation in Arizona and New Mexico.  Circle of Life had to be proactive in its response to the public health emergency, Himmat Singh, CEO of Circle of Life, told Home Health Care News.

As a company, we were ahead of the curve in immediately issuing guidelines for providing care during the pandemic, which relied fully on guidance issued by the CDC and other global health organizations,” Singh said. “We set up both internal and online platforms to disseminate information, best practices, policies and training. We also invested heavily in PPE.”

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