Hospices Willing to Take Hits from Regulators to Ensure Ethical, Quality Care

Posted Monday, May 16, 2022

Hospice providers, to root out bad servers, are willing to take on additional regulatory pressure. At the end of the day, their willingness to do so is to protect all hospice patients.

“Regulatory scrutiny is on the rise for hospices nationwide, but is gaining particular traction in California. For example, a recent report from the California State Auditor revealed that “weak oversight” has created widespread opportunities for fraud and abuse.

There are two different types of “bad actor” hospices. There are providers that are poor performers who are just very poor at the delivery of hospice and following the rules. Then there are the providers that aren’t really in it for hospice and the right reasons— they’re just in it to make money. These are hospices that are fraudulently billing for hospice services that many times were never delivered. These bad actors are absolutely committing fraud, and there’s a lot of them.”

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