January Care Compare Refresh and Tip Sheet

Posted January 25, 2023

The January 2023 quarterly refresh for the Home Health Quality Reporting Program is available on Care Compare. For this refresh, Home Health (HH) Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) will be based on the standard number of quarters.

CMS issued a third HH QRP COVID-19 Public Reporting Tip Sheet to addresses the impact the public health emergency has on OASIS submission exception waiver has had on HHA quality reporting program. The Tip Sheet provides an update for reporting of the claims-based quality measures and defines the quarters of claims data that will be displayed on Care Compare and the Provider Data Catalog (PDC) until the normal annual refresh using the specified eight consecutive quarters of data occurs.

The CY 2020 COVID-19 excepted data is still impacting what is displayed on Care Compare. CMS resumed public reporting on Care Compare and the PDC beginning with the January 2022 refresh. This refresh included the OASIS assessment-based quality measures only. For claims-based measures, CMS made the decision to delay public reporting by 6 months to allow more time to analyze the calculation of these measures and the effect of the excepted data on certain aspects of measure calculation, such as look-back periods and risk adjustment.

CMS resumed the public reporting of claims-based QMs with fewer quarters of data in the July 2022 refresh. Because of that refresh, CMS did not perform the normal annual update in October 2022, as the data had not changed enough to be meaningful. CMS will next update these data during the October 2023 refresh, after which CMS will resume the normal cadence of annual updates.

Source: CMS and NAHC

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