Most Health Symptoms are Deploying Home-Based Care to Reduce Hospital Revisits

Posted December 14, 2022

According to a report released last week by Current Health, most major health systems offer some type of home-based care.

Current Health for this report, the company partnered with independent research firm Sage Growth Partners to survey 103 hospital and health system leaders. The respondents, who all worked for organizations with more than $100 million in patient revenue, included CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, chief nursing officers and vice presidents of finance.

This survey finding was notable because Pippa Shulman, Medically Home’s chief medical officer, identified solving equity and access issues as one of the most important goals in home care during a recent interview.

“As a doctor, I can ask a lot of questions, but time is quite limited,” Shulman told MedCity News last month. “When I have my primary in-home clinician at the bedside of the patient and the tablet camera opens up, I can now see pictures on the wall. I see plants, I see mess, I see tidiness, I see dogs and cats roaming by.  Think of all of the information that can go into medical planning — people are not diseases, people are the accumulation of all of their life experiences and the people they’re around.”

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