October 2022 CMS Quarterly OASIS Q&As Now Available

October 27, 2022

The October 2022 CMS Quarterly OASIS Q&As are now available. Some questions and answers on OASIS-E items are included.

Question 1: Please provide guidance on the following scenario: A patient was recertified between days 56-60 and then in the new 60-day certification period, prior to any home health visits being made, the patient is admitted to the hospital for a qualifying inpatient stay. Should the agency complete the RFA 6 – Transferred to an inpatient facility, patient not discharged from agency and a Resumption of Care when the patient returns? Or should an RFA 7 – Transferred to an inpatient facility, patient discharged from agency be completed and a new Start of Care be completed?

Answer 1: If the Medicare PPS patient had a recertification assessment visit during the last five days of the episode, and then experiences a qualifying hospitalization in the new 60-day certification period, the agency should complete a Transfer assessment. This is true whether or not any home care visits have been made in the new episode. The agency selects RFA 6 or RFA 7, depending on whether the agency anticipates the patient will be returning to service or not.
When an RFA 6 Transfer OASIS is submitted, the next expected submission would be a Resumption of Care (ROC) – RFA 3. If the patient did not resume services at your agency, then your internal agency discharge process would occur (with no OASIS collection)

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