Corridor Solutions for ICD-10 home health coding helps agencies improve the accuracy of their coding and strengthen overall clinical documentation. In today’s highly scrutinized regulatory environment, precision in home care coding and clinical documentation is not underrated.

Corridor Solutions for home health coding help you preserve revenue, minimize risk and identify staff education opportunities. Led by our team of experienced home health RN’s who hold HCS-D and COS designations, in collaboration with a team of Certified Coders, our partnership approach ensures supportive clinical documentation and timely, compliant home care coding. From end-to-end outsource solutions to periodic audits, trend analysis and staff education, Corridor provides the support you need to preserve revenue and minimize risk.


Corridor’s end-to-end clinical documentation review and coding service model provides a viable, long term solution to improving quality of clinical documentation and coding accuracy. We provide your agency with dedicated Certified Coders who become an extension of your agency resources. In today’s ever-changing environment, the quality and consistency of clinical documentation is essential to ensure appropriate reimbursement, preserving revenue and minimizing risk as we transition to ICD-10. Corridor has been preparing for ICD-10 for some time and we partner with our clients to ensure a seamless ICD-10 transition. Our customized approach to ICD-10 implementation, communication and data management helps to ensure that our clients are ready for this change. The Corridor team is committed to a successful ICD-10 implementation for all our clients.


Corridor’s end-to-end clinical documentation review and coding model includes a comprehensive review of OASIS documentation and plan of care. We only employ Certified Coders with home care experience because we believe that it is important to look at the whole patient and all pertinent documentation to ensure “right coding” and help our clients identify staff education opportunities. Corridor can help you implement a plan to improve quality of clinical documentation and coding accuracy through staff training and management oversight strategies.


Corridor employs a skilled team of home health certified coders to help our clients improve coding accuracy. Complete, accurate coding is critical in today’s ever-changing environment to ensure appropriate reimbursement and minimize risk. Whether you need periodic coding audits or long term coding solutions, the experienced team here at Corridor can help. When it comes to coding and documentation, precision is not under rated. Through periodic clinical documentation review and coding audits, Corridor can help you implement proactive strategies to avoid the scrutiny of government contractors like RACs, ZPICs, MACs and MICs.


RACs, MACs, ZPICs and MICs are all poised to review potential payment errors for CMS. Medicare intermediaries are authorized to initiate pre-payment review, which can interrupt cash flow and create a significant financial burden. RACs can look back over a three-year period and recoup overpayments. ZPICs are looking for fraud. While look-back periods and objectives of these government contractors may differ, the five step Medicare appeals process is uniform for all Medicare contractors. This appeal process is time consuming with tightly defined timelines. Corridor can support your organization through the audit and appeals process to ensure timely, effective response at each level of appeal and help implement strategies to avoid future scrutiny. Our experts have helped hundreds of agencies safeguard their finances through improved documentation and pre and post payment reviews that identify areas of potential vulnerability.


In today’s highly scrutinized regulatory environment, the quality and consistency of clinical documentation is essential to ensuring appropriate reimbursement, quality outcomes reporting, preserving revenue and minimizing risk. Corridor takes these issues seriously and partners with our clients to promote better documentation processes. Corridor tracks and trends OASIS errors and documentation weaknesses by clinician and OASIS question for all coding services outsource clients. Trending analysis reports are provided on a monthly basis to assist you in identifying educational opportunities and clinical training needs.