Plan of Care Review

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Corridor offers 3 options of Plan of Care Review to meet your clinical staff “where they are” and immediately decrease the Clinical Manager workload. Corridor reviews the plan of care for errors, omissions, and discrepancies. You decide who does the clinical work to make the corrections and increase accuracy and efficiency of the process. Whether it’s your clinicians or ours – we’ve got you covered.

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  • Reduced or eliminated workload of the Clinical Manager

  • Ensure proper payment

  • Enhance clinical outcomes

  • Remove the guesswork of inconsistent or missing documentation

  • Increased efficiency by eliminating multiple touches

Coding & Clinical Documentation Review Services:

  • Home Health Coding

  • OASIS Review

  • Plan of Care Review

  • Hospice Coding

  • Palliative Care Coding

  • Discharge Review

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