Corridor’s Revenue Management Services attacks the volatile healthcare reimbursement challenges with speed and proficiency. Building on over 30 years of best practice techniques, scalable resources, and industry expertise we ensure your organization is always operating at peak financial performance.

Outsourced Billing & Collections

Our experts work hard to elevate your organization’s potential by optimizing the performance of your entire revenue cycle. Corridor’s Revenue Management Services can help your organization increase and accelerate your revenue utilizing intricate technology-enabled claim resolution. We offer an end to end solution for your entire revenue cycle, allowing our experts to manage, maintain and improve your revenue collection, month over month. Choosing Corridor allows your organization to focus on patient care rather than the headache and frustration of today’s challenging reimbursement climate. 

  • Slash charge lag and days to bill
  • Mitigate delays in claim follow-up
  • Accelerate payment capture

Denial Avoidance, Not Management

Corridor’s expertise and Revenue Management Services focus on Denial Avoidance, not Denial Management. The goal of all revenue cycle activities should focus on claims being processed and paid at the first submission, not after the 2nd or 3rd attempt.  Don’t manage your denials – work with Corridor to help your organization avoid them completely! 

  • Payer contract reimbursement and requirements review
  • EMR system assessment and optimization
  • Automated appeal submission and payment variance management

Lost Revenue Recovery

Most denials are payable when handled by reimbursement experts who understand payer behavior and the roadblocks present in receiving payment for services rendered.  Corridor’s extensive experience and knowledge of the behavior allows us to see what our clients should have been paid for and work intensely to collect previously lost revenue for your organization.    

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