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Workflow & Process Solutions for Clinical Documentation & Revenue Cycle

Repetitive tasks, fragmented clinical documentation workflows, and outdated revenue cycle processes cause inaccuracies, cost valuable time and your staff hates all the extra work & clicks. Corridor relieves these frustrations while saving you money and preparing your business for growth. With proven quality and a strong financial ROI, Corridor delivers unmatched capacity, proven accuracy and fast turnaround times.

With advanced technology and a seasoned team, we partner with you to develop a program that fits your agency’s specific needs.

  • Free up your staff to focus on high-value work
  • Reduced need to recruit full-time employees
  • Cost savings
  • A highly scalable workforce
  • Pre-existing expertise 
  • Help you leverage advanced technology and data analytics
  • Improved quality, accuracy and outcomes

Corridor’s solutions help you accelerate efficiency, simplify workflows, and leverage existing technology.

  • Coding / OASIS QA
  • Billing and Claims Management
  • Insurance Eligibility & Service/Payor Pre-Authorization
  • A/R and Denial Avoidance
  • Process Automation as a Service (PAaaS)
  • Corridor ProChart Documentation Organizer
  • Corridor Virtual Clinical Manager
Workflow Process Solutions | Corridor

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