Clinical Documentation Advisory

Our clinical documentation improvement specialists provide review of clinical documentation in the electronic medical record, provider education and recommendations for improvement to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines, a consistent clinical picture of the patient, and appropriate reimbursement for the services rendered.

Corridor’s proprietary software ensures detailed data tracking of complex clinical documentation reviews, identifies training needs, and enables collaboration among Corridor and your team.

Coding and OASIS Auditing

Home Health

Evaluate your current process to identify gaps that are affecting reimbursement, workflow, productivity and revenue.

  • Verify diagnosis coding and 5 star/reimbursement OASIS items
  • Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) review
    • In-depth review of records specifically for coding and OASIS accuracy related to PDGM (Clinical grouping/comorbidity adjustment/functional status)
  • Value Based Insurance Design (VBID) Hospice review
  • Identify and remedy problem areas with best practices and education

Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI)

Home Health and Hospice

Home Health Five Star Improvement Review & Analysis or Hospice Publicly Reported Outcome Review & Analysis

  • Identify current trends impacting current star rating for home health
  • Gain insight on how clinicians can improve documentation to support ratings
  • Identify areas of opportunity at SOC/ROC and discharge timepoints for home health
  • Identify areas of opportunity at Admission and death or discharge timepoints for hospice
  • Ongoing quarterly QAPI Audits reporting of trends
  • QAPI meeting support to review and evaluate progress toward quality improvement goals

Compliance CoP/ Survey Review

Home Health and Hospice

Detailed review to uncover deficiencies and ensures compliance and preparedness for surveys.

  • Adaptation of the CoPs into policies and procedures
  • Mock survey
  • Discipline assessments and documentation
  • Medication management
  • Care planning and coordination
  • Emergency preparedness plans
  • Compliance with hospice levels of care

ADR and Appeal Support/ TPE

Home Health and Hospice

Our experts assist in every step of an ADR request, denial and/or reconsideration and help avoid future denials.

  • Comprehensive documentation review to identify ADR response needs
  • Summary letter to ADR request
  • Best practice recommendations to avoid future ADRs and next round TPEs

Review Choice Demonstration Support

Don’t put your agency at risk for disruptions in cash flow! Whether your state is currently mandated, or will be soon, Corridor can help you successfully navigate RCD.

  • Eliminate the need of costly agency resources
  • Provide accurate record review in real-time utilizing ‘state of the art’ audit tools and software
  • Identify ongoing gaps and delivering education to produce positive outcomes
  • Enable fast, accurate claim submissions
  • Produce predictable revenue
  • Generate reports individualized to meet your agency needs
  • Helping you move past 100% pre- claim reviews and into Selective Post-payment Review or Spot Checks!

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