Corridor’s CEO, Des Varady Moderates Panel at Post-Acute LINK Session on Managed Care

Posted on Wednesday, June 15, 2016 8:44 PM

The following people participated in the 2016 Post-Acute LINK Conference education sessional called The Growing Role of Managed Care and What it Means for PAC Providers, explaining how providers can deal with Medicare Advantage or commercial plans:
Des Varady, Chief Executive Officer, Corridor
Rosemary Angsten, Senior VP of Sales & Admissions, Symphony Post-Acute
Mary Cooley, MS, RN, VP of Care Management & Operations, Priority Health
Mike Rusnak, a home care and hospice executive from California

Marriage was used as a consistent reference throughout the discussion, explaining the importance in building relationships for managed care, skilled nursing and home health agencies. For example, providers who send forms to a managed care representative with no follow up are equivalent to people who sign up for, expecting an immediate proposal for marriage.

Contracting is relational, and it’s important to maintain a successful marriage. As for dating, once you have the person’s attention, you also have to consider your numbers.

In response to a question from moderator Des Varady about how providers feel that they’re stuck with a managed care contract, Angsten said, “There will be times when our reimbursement would be the same as if it was a Medicaid patient.” For instance, if the contract is offering X dollars for a Medicare Advantage patient, the organization must determine how much it will cost to treat and make sure they aren’t losing money.

Facilities are telling beneficiaries to appeal on a regular basis, resulting in damaged relationships with the managed care group, which could potentially result in potential divorce.
At the end of the day, it is important for your organization to figure out what you’re good at, remembering that successful relationships are built on communication.
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