Corridor Webinar Recording: Intake’s Role In Compliant Coding Under PDGM

Posted on Monday, October 7, 2019 1:26 PM

As we prepare for the Patient Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) to take effect in early 2020, Corridor is focused on providing essential information to help you prepare. We encourage you to view our recent webinar, “Intake’s Role in Compliant Coding Under PDGM,” as it relates to coding of primary acceptable diagnosis and comorbidity adjustment along with closer “scrutiny” of M1033 Risk for Hospitalization.

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Webinar Objectives: 

  1. Identify differences between current PPS and PDGM
  2. Identify importance of intake role as it relates to PDGM
  3. Review the three categories of non-acceptable codes as identified by CMS: not appropriate for home health, codes not specific enough, and codes too acute for home care.
  4. Educate intake staff on review of F2F documents and referral information to determine need for additional queries. Identify when the referral information is too vague and will require additional information from the physician.
  5. Discuss key points needed for agency discussion with referral sources related to PDGM and need for enough information to identify an acceptable primary diagnosis code for Medicare episodic patients.
  6. For review of M1033, Risk for Hospitalization which is impacts the functional score under PDGM, identify documentation needed and where to find it. 

    Suggested Audience:

    Staff involved in the referral/intake process for Medicare episodic patients

Staff involved in the admission and start of care process for Medicare episodic patients

Webinar Presented by Corridor Educators:

Corridor Webinar Recording: Intake's Role In Compliant Coding Under PDGM | Corridor


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