FY2021 Hospice Medicare and Medicaid Bade Rates At-A-Glance

Posted on Monday, September 21, 2020

Starting October 1, 2020, hospice base payment rates will increase by 2.4% as published in the final FY2021 Hospice Payment Rule.  The Medicaid program waits until Medicare rates are finalized to issue guidance on the applicable corresponding hospice payment rates.  The Medicaid Financial Management Group recently issued a memorandum with the minimum Medicaid hospice rates that will be applicable for FY2021.

“The Table below contains a comparison drawn from these two documents of the FY2021 Medicare and Medicaid rates.  The labor portion of these rates must be further adjusted by the wage index. The hospice Aggregate Cap for the year ending September 30, 2021 is $30,683.93.

FY 2020 Medicare Hospice Payment Rates under MEDICARE and MEDICAID*

  Description FY2021 MEDICARE Payment Rate FY2021 MEDICAID 

Payment Rate

Routine Home Care

(days 1-60)

$199.25 $199.51
Routine Home Care

(days 61+)

$157.49 $157.69
Continuous Home


Full Rate = 24 hours

$1,432.41($59.68 hourly rate)** $1,432.97($59.71 hourly rate)
Inpatient Respite


$461.09 $485.36
General Inpatient


$1,045.66 $1,045.66

*Failure to meet quality reporting requirements will result in a 2-percentage point reduction

**NAHC has clarified with CMS that the value for the CHC daily rate ($59.74) in CR 11867 (issued August 27) is incorrect; $59.68 is the correct value”

Source: NAHC Report



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