Hospices Leverage Machine Learning to Improve Care

Posted on Sunday, January 19, 2020 11:50 PM

In order to identify patients who would benefit from hospice care earlier than they might seek it out, hospice providers are utilizing machines to identify potential patients sooner. 

“With machine learning you actually begin with the outcome — for example, the people who were readmitted to the hospital and those who were not. Then the software itself is able to learn what the rules are, all the differences between the people who did or did not get admitted,” said Leonard D’Avolio, founder and CEO of the health care performance improvement firm Cyft, and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. “The advantage of the special software being able to learn these patterns, instead of the human telling it the patterns, is that software can consider so many more factors or variables than a human could, and it can do it in microseconds. It’s basically checking all of the patterns that have come before and predicting the next step forward.” 

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