Hospices Rebrand to Shake Stigma, Reflect Scope of Service

Posted on Monday, December 9, 2019 1:48 PM

Hospices providers are finding that just having the name “hospice” in their name makes people shy away from their services.  Most people see hospice as an end -of-life service, not as something that can help enhance their care.  As a result, hospices are rebranding to remove hospice from their name.  One such example is Navian Hawaii, formerly known as Hospice Hawaii. 

Navian Hawaii was a perfect name change that allowed them to show them to show that they care about each patient’s journey. “There are so many people living with serious illness that aren’t ready for hospice care but require support services to improve their quality of life. We responded to that need by expanding our services with Integrated Care. Doing this resulted in the need for a new name to encompass our extended model of care,” says Carapelho, CEO of Navian Hawaii. 

“During the pilot phase of our Integrated Care program we learned that when the word ‘hospice’ is in your name, it is a little scary to patients who aren’t looking for ‘hospice care,’” said Carapelho. “Our name change was not intended to remove ourselves from the word, but rather to evolve as an organization. Although we recognize that there’s still a stigma out there associated with the word hospice, our goal is to continue to educate the community as much as possible so that one day people aren’t afraid, and can confidently make the decisions that is right for them.”

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