NAHC Urges Congress to Support the Patient Choice and Quality Care Act

Posted on Friday, January 12, 2018 9:31 PM

NAHC has joined with other like-minded groups to urge Congress to support the Patient Choice and Quality Care Act Bill of 2017 which will help ensure that older adults nearing the end of their lives will receive person and family centered care that honors their dignity, values and end of life health care choices.

“NAHC strongly supports the key elements of the Patient Choice and Quality Care Act bill which:

  • Create a new Medicare model for Advanced Illness Care and Management that will provide eligible Medicare beneficiaries the opportunity to voluntarily engage the services of an interdisciplinary team to plan care interventions that are directly aligned with the individual’s goals of care, values, and preferences and are designed to meet the beneficiary’s physical, medical, psychosocial, emotional and spiritual needs, as well as support family caregivers;
  • Improve existing policies related to the portability of advance directives so that individuals’ and family caregivers’ treatment decisions are honored, and providers have the support tools they need – regardless of the state or site of care;
  • Require that healthcare facilities must assure that care plans made while an individual receives care are appropriately documented prior to discharge and sent to appropriate providers and facilities upon discharge;
  • Fund $50 million in grants to increase public awareness of advance care planning and advanced illness care;
  • Expand Medicare coverage for advance care planning (ACP) to include ACP services provided by independent clinical social workers who have appropriate training or experience, as well as by ensuring that any Medicare-covered ACP service is not subject to deductible or coinsurance; and
  • Encourage development of a more robust set of end-of-life quality measures for use in various health care settings.”

End of life decisions are immensely important to patients and their families.  This legislation would enhance the way our healthcare systems addresses these complex needs.

Source: NAHC Report 1/2/2018

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