Perfect Storm of Staffing Challenges Continues to Batter Home-Based Care Operators

Posted Monday, March 7, 2022

A recent report released jointly by Homecare Homebase and Home Healthcare News found that staffing remains to be the biggest struggle for home-based care providers.

The report is based on 380 responses from home health and home care professionals.  Responses showed that staffing was the greatest non-COVID-related challenge for 2022 for 80% of respondents, followed by 57% saying recruiting was their main concern for the foreseeable future, with 32% saying the same about retention.

“We always knew that there was a silver lining out there as baby boomers were getting to the age where they needed home care services, but we have not ever seen it this pronounced,” Luke Rutledge, SVP of Operations for Homecare Homebase said. “With COVID, it’s been a little bit of a perfect storm [with trying] to retain some of the nurses in this industry and then also the heightened awareness of what home care can provide.”

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