Just the Facts about Review Choice Demonstration (RCD)

Posted on Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Due to the continuing public health emergency, home health agencies in North Carolina and Florida have the option of phasing-in to RCD until March 31, 2021 For providers that have delayed sending patient records, it’s time to take the first step forward; even preparing and submitting 10 records will give you an advantage.

Corridor recommends clients use the continued extension to their advantage to get in front of the RCD process and prepare for the inevitable rollout. “The documentation required isn’t different but how to present it is. Learn how to create a succinct and polished RCD packet so Palmetto isn’t left guessing. Take this time to become familiar with the process of submission through eServices and to create your agency’s best practice prior to mandatory go live. Every chart submitted through RCD today is one less post payment review you will have to worry about tomorrow,” says Kimberly Searcy Gunter, Corridor’s Director of Clinical Documentation Advisory services.

The advantages of starting now include:

  • Your agency will no longer fear the unknown
  • The anticipation and stress will reside
  • Your agency will begin seeing affirmations returned from charts submitted
  • Your agency will have a better understanding of how this demonstration can truly have a positive impact and

Provide the knowledge to further build-out front-end processes so that each and every patient record meets industry standards for payment. No matter which choice your agency makes, between now and pandemic relief lift date, the following will remain true:

  • Providers may continue submitting pre-claim review requests.
  • Claims that go through pre-claim review and are submitted with a valid UTN will be excluded from further medical review.
  • Claims submitted without going through the pre-claim review process will process as normal and will not be subject to a 25% payment reduction. These claims may be subject to post payment review in the future through the normal medical review process.

Providers do not need to take any further action if they choose not to participate.

Unsure where to begin or want to learn more RCD?  Corridor’s end-to-end RCD services team is here to help.


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